We Build Your Apps.

At Digiflare, each of our uniquely talented team members collaborate to discover and design the perfect experience for your video content. We offer services that help realize the full potential of your TV Everywhere Goals including Strategy, Experience Design, and Product Engineering. Our proven services ensure your needs are met, and your end-product is delivered on time, on budget, and online. From start to finish, we provide deep support and stay involved to guarantee a quality-assured deliverable that exceeds your expectations.

SmartPhones + Tablets

Connected TV

Game Consoles



We first understand the TV Everywhere opportunities available to your specific business, then, work closely with you to understand your customer and how to best represent your content and brand.

Technology Strategy
We assess your infrastructure to help you plan the best possible approach for a smooth TV Everywhere execution across any platform.

Product Strategy
We do not build apps. We build products. Each engagement is about making the right product that fits your TV Everywhere strategy.

Go-to-Market Strategy
Every device platform has its unique differences. Our expertise across a broad range of platforms can help you plan the perfect go-to-market strategy for your TV Everywhere products.

Experience Design

Experience Research and Envisioning
We work with you to better understand your end users expected behavior. After which, we meticulously abide by platform guidelines to build out the information architecture for your product.

Visual & UI Design
Stunning visuals and elegant UI are at the heart of each product Digiflare crafts. We design extensions of your brand to house your content.

Interaction design
We map out the visuals of every button, every swipe, and every hand gesture to make sure the user experience of the product maps back to what the user expects.

Experience Prototyping
We work closely with you to explore the right “look and feel” of the products we create to ensure you gain first-hand appreciation of existing or future conditions of the product via prototyping.

Product Engineering

App Development
We can develop and deliver native applications across virtually any platform whether it be mobile, tablet, PC, game console, connected TV, or smart TV.

API Development
We can build out the web-based API’s that will power your native applications using REST or SOAP architectures.

Systems Integration
Digiflare has worked with major TV Everywhere backend vendors to help seamlessly integrate your video encoding engine, content management system, online video provider, analytics engine, ad serving tools, authentication services, digital rights management technologies, and content delivery network.

Product Management
Our Project Managers act as Product Managers. They are knowledgeable about the tech, advocates for the end users, and help maintain your brand voice throughout the process.

Our Process

With a combined waterfall and agile process, we engage your teams throughout the process while working iteratively from concept to launch.