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Videa reduces the complexity of developing and deploying excellent multi-screen native applications that are tailored to your needs.
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More platforms doesn’t need to mean more problems

The challenge in building TV Everywhere and over-the-top (OTT) services is the sheer number of technical platforms that need to be supported.  Each device comes with its own operating ecosystem and distinct requirements for smooth and consistent video play back. Each one also requires a different set of development, design, and QA skills. As new devices are released, keeping up with consumers on the most popular platforms gets more and more complicated.


For these reasons, developing and deploying a quality multi-screen TV application can be a time-consuming and expensive proposition.

Videa Devices
Why VideaTM?

Videa™ provides you with flexible video delivery built to fit your strategy. Whether you want linear live or on-demand, authenticated or unauthenticated, TVE or OTT, Videa™ offers a consistent user experience no matter what your business model. Out-of-the-box, the product has a set list price for each platform, making development and costs predictable.


Because it enables one-time integration and uses native code bases, VideaTM can get apps to market in roughly half the time needed to build from scratch.  Every VideaTM deployment receives a world-class standard of support and maintenance throughout the license period. As well, each receives automated updates in order to work on the latest platform releases.

Each Videa app is built using the coding language and SDK’s specific to that native platform. This ensures superior and predictable performance across every Videa powered device and seamless certification into their respective app stores.

Bring Your own Infrastructure

Videa will adapt to your exiting infrastructure. Integrate once – deploy everywhere. No-hassle set up means you’ll have a TV Everywhere application up and running in no time. Painlessly deliver your content to your audience’s mobile, tablet and connected TV devices.

Feature Enriched

Give your audiences the freedom to create playlists, receive up-to-the-minute notifications and talk about your content through an elegant user experience. With Videa, your content can become as great as it was meant to be.

Live TV & EPG Support

Allow your audience to experience every moment no matter where they are. With full EPG integration for access to schedules of their favorite shows on the most popular platforms, it’s easy to see why our clients love Videa.

Monetize your content

With Videa, you can support your existing subscription services and/or ad-serving systems to increase revenue opportunities – without having to increase costs. Get the most out of your entertainment, and let audiences do the same.

Customizable & Dynamic UI

Customizable design that allows for on-the-fly UX changes – ie Add a new category, swap out color schema without users having to re-download apps.


Integrate social platforms with ease, opening the door to your audience’s networks like never before. Whether it’s the latest sports score, or breaking news, with Videa, there’s always something exciting to talk about.


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