Maximize Monetization with RAF

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As audiences spend more time watching content on streaming devices, more opportunities emerge for content providers wishing to monetize their content. Providers can increase their earning power on the Roku platform by partnering with developers that can leverage the powerful Roku Advertising Framework (RAF).

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OTT Viewers

Embrace the Future of Entertainment

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It’s an established fact that more and more media brands are diving into content delivery over the internet.

Whether through authenticated TV Everywhere apps or direct-to-consumer OTT services, audiences are following them. According to the Deloitte Digital Democracy Survey released in March, over 60% of US consumers now subscribe to a video streaming service.[1] That number has increased from 50% just two years ago. In the next two years, it’s expected to reach 72%.[2] Read More

Algorithm V Human

Algorithm v. Human Curation: Is the Debate Really Settled?

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We now live in a universe with more video content than any one person could consume in a lifetime of continuous viewing…

The on-demand video service was invented to help people better find content they actually want to watch. But even the most avid video consumer would be turned away by the sheer volume of shows, movies, and clips available even within a single service. With all this content available, who best to decide which of it is for us? One of the biggest debates in media and entertainment in recent years has been around the curation of all this content.   Read More


Google I/O 2015: Android and the Future of TV Apps

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At last year’s Google I/O we saw a bold vision of the future of Google services, with the Android OS arriving on new and unprecedented platforms, from TVs to watches, and even automobiles. The announcement of Android TV introduced a strong new platform for Smart TV manufacturers and an equally significant step forward for TV Everywhere and Over-the-top (TVE) experience developers. Read More


Context and TV Everywhere Applications

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In order to design coherent TV Everywhere experiences, it’s important to understand exactly what “everywhere” means. There are numerous UX considerations to be made based on where and how users are consuming content.

It’s no secret that content providers are in a frenzied pursuit to leverage new and emerging platforms and devices to extend their value propositions to the consumer. Read More


Building Multi-Platform Apps without reinventing the Wheel

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During the dot com boom of the late ‘90s, use of the internet surged and along with it, so did web development. Back then, websites were created with pure HTML, a skill set held by relatively few people.  To address this, software companies started producing “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editors such as Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe Dreamweaver. These allowed users with basic computer literacy to create gorgeous websites with complex user interfaces quickly and easily. Read More


6 Reasons to build a Chromecast App

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Google’s Chromecast was recently named the number one streaming device in America with an impressive one billion individual casts. Since its release on July 24th, 2013, Google has continued to upgrade its capabilities while adding additional features such as direct screen mirroring and free Wi-Fi pairing.  With an affordable retail price of $39.99, a self-enclosed USB power source, and an independent operating system, the Chromecast dongle is far more than a simple mirroring device. Read More

CES blog feature image

CES 2015: OTT Gets Serious

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CES is all about the newest and coolest in technology and the 2015 edition did not disappoint!

This year, the Las Vegas Convention Center was practically brimming with truly impressive innovations from every sector. The main event, however,was Sling TV, an over-the-top (OTT) service from Dish that beat out everything from the latest in wearables to a car that drives itself and walked away with the “Best of the Best” award. Read More


The 72 Hour Challenge: The Proof is in the Pudding

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When we launched our Videa solution late last year, we aimed to showcase the full potential of being able to rapidly deploy Video apps across virtually any platform. This is why we came up with the 72 Hour Challenge, to actually show you a demo of your apps and how it would function in real time. Since instituting the 72 Hour Challenge we’ve shown Broadcasters, Operators and content owners VOD and LIVE TV Everywhere demo applications across platforms Read More


Demystifying Adobe PrimeTime

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