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Context and TV Everywhere Applications

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In order to design coherent TV Everywhere experiences, it’s important to understand exactly what “everywhere” means. There are numerous UX considerations to be made based on where and how users are consuming content.

It’s no secret that content providers are in a frenzied pursuit to leverage new and emerging platforms and devices to extend their value propositions to the consumer. Read More


Recipe for Disruption Whitepaper

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With INTX in full swing, we may expect to hear another disruptive announcement from leaders in the Pay TV operator business. HBO Now, Apple TV, Sony Vue, and Verizon have all garnered headlines in recent weeks for their breakthrough Direct-to-Consumer moves, providing viable TV programming to traditional Pay TV services.

Whether it be TV Everywhere or Over-The-Top, it’s clear these strategies are shaping the future of how audiences watch video content. Read More


Building Multi-Platform Apps without reinventing the Wheel

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During the dot com boom of the late ‘90s, use of the internet surged and along with it, so did web development. Back then, websites were created with pure HTML, a skill set held by relatively few people.  To address this, software companies started producing “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editors such as Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe Dreamweaver. These allowed users with basic computer literacy to create gorgeous websites with complex user interfaces quickly and easily. Read More