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Embrace the Future of Entertainment

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It’s an established fact that more and more media brands are diving into content delivery over the internet.

Whether through authenticated TV Everywhere apps or direct-to-consumer OTT services, audiences are following them. According to the Deloitte Digital Democracy Survey released in March, over 60% of US consumers now subscribe to a video streaming service.[1] That number has increased from 50% just two years ago. In the next two years, it’s expected to reach 72%.[2] Read More

No Spoilers

Is Spoilerphobia Out of Control?

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The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was one of the biggest media and entertainment events of the decade.

As soon as reviews came out praising the film as an installment worthy of the original Star Wars trilogy, anticipation reached a fever pitch. In the days after Force premiered, the world suddenly split into two camps. People greeted each other with “have you seen it?” and when “yes” was the answer, they huddled in dark corners and whispered their thoughts. Read More

Algorithm V Human

Algorithm v. Human Curation: Is the Debate Really Settled?

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We now live in a universe with more video content than any one person could consume in a lifetime of continuous viewing…

The on-demand video service was invented to help people better find content they actually want to watch. But even the most avid video consumer would be turned away by the sheer volume of shows, movies, and clips available even within a single service. With all this content available, who best to decide which of it is for us? One of the biggest debates in media and entertainment in recent years has been around the curation of all this content.   Read More